A unique self-healing and awakening holiday in a stunning setting, on the beautiful island of Sicily in Italy.
When: 2-7th July 2019
Where: Fiumefreddo (Catania) Sicily-Italy

Join us to honor the unique experience of womanhood. An alchemical holiday with Gisela Perez Cabrera, Mexican psicologist and yoga teacher, and Sonia Cabiaglia, Italian naturopath and therapist.
**simultaneous translation for foreigners is contemplated.



We propose a female holiday, which is also an alchemical journey and a unique experience in Sicily: beach, sea, scent of orange trees, with the energy of the volcano: Mount Etna always active.

We will be staying in the wonderful Borgo degli Aranci, in Fiumefreddo, between Catania and Taormina, an ancient complex of 3 villas, surrounded by a splendid orange grove, a few kilometers from the sea, with immaculate swimming pool and lawns, the ideal place to relax and enjoy sun and freedom. We will have an exclusive room for our practices in the morning and we have organized a series of activities in groups including walking meditations with a trip to the volcano, alternated with many free moments of relaxation in the sun by the sea. We will provide a detailed program upon registration.


During the week, between baths, yoga, healthy food and free time, we will be able to explore our feminine in every sense, we will work on different themes: we will start from Beauty, learning to take care of our body, to move to Fertility, starting to give body to our desires, we will cross the intent of Abundance, with the energy of the volcano, directly connected with Mother Earth, to conclude with the Rebirth, from breathing to the creation of the new project of ourselves.

Our program will includes women circles, yoga and energetic awakening of the meridians, together with notions of Chinese medicine for our well-being, self-massage of the face and body, meditations under the stars and sound views with Tibetan bells in the pool. As always there will be Bach flowers for everybody and since the structure that welcomes us has also provided us with a cot, for those who wish, there will be the possibility of individual treatments, consultations, massages and reflexology, in free moments.

The contribution for the female holiday is 950 euros and it requires a deposit of 30% of the value of the entire course at the time of registration (285 euros) with a balance by May 15th 2019.

You’ll be staying in an ancient Sicilian residence and places are limited, here is the site:

For information contact Sonia on the mobile 338 2446609 or by mail:

The price includes full board and lodging (excluding 2 dinners outside the hotel), round trip transfer from Catania airport, a trip to the volcano and a trip to Taormina and Giardini Naxos with bus and driver, as well as all the yoga activities, meditation, womencircles etc.

Does not include airplane, some dinners or aperitifs in local restaurants when we are outside as scheduled, treatments and individual consultations.

To reach Fiumefreddo you land at Catania airport, at the moment the flights are super-cheap with Air Italy or Alitalia from Milano.

Gisela from Mexico (left in the picture above):

– International psycho-energetic therapist (Alchemy of the psyche).
– Professional psychologist
– Creator of the Yoga Method of the Moon, a bodily and meditative discipline, which helps women to activate love for themselves.
– Conductor / trainer of women’s circles and conferences on awakening.
– Obsidian stone therapist as a natural healing path (Ana Silvia Serrano method)
– Numerologist
– Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yoghi Bhajan, graduated from KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) and the University of Guadalajara Mexico since 2004
– Teacher of Naam and Shakti Naam Yoga (Himalayan Yoga) as taught by Dr. Michael Levry
– Master Reiki from 2003 in 5 systems, female medicine and doula of death (Accompaniment of terminally ill patients towards a worthy death)
– Therapist of the Cellular Energy Reactivation System (DNA reactivation) ANTHARA Mexico system
– Belly dance and creator of the Belly Dance Fit discipline
– She specializes in working with femininity by conducting seminars, courses, retreats, growth groups, yoga for stress in companies, female self-esteem courses, sensuality and integral well-being.

Who is Sonia (right in the picture above):

Naturopathic consultant, graduated from the Scuola S.I.M.O. of Milan, with specialization in Phytotherapy, makes use of the evaluation techniques of Applied Iridology and Integrated Reflexology, with good knowledge in the field of Nutrition verifies through the kinesiological test the possible Food Intolerances. Recommend remedies of traditional phytotherapy, ayurvedic and spagyric tradition.

Expert in Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine, uses Cromopuncture and Tuina for treatments that act on a physical and psycho-emotional level.

Passionate about Flower Therapy, she makes individual consultations Bach Flowers, Italians, Australians and shamanic essences of Wild Animals.

He applies Crystal Therapy and Reiki for the energy balance of the Chakras, which he combines with Cromopuncture and Bach Flowers.

Good Knwoledge of Self-Massage regularly holds mini facial self-massage courses according to Japanese tradition, ayurvedic body self-massage inspired by the traditions of the Dinacharia and energetic awakening with self-massage of the meridians according to Chinese tradition.

Organize monthly women circles in her studio in Milan with Mexican psychologist Gisela Perez Cabrera with whom she has been collaborating for some years, working on archetypes and women’s issues.

Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own..


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